Curio & Relic Handguns

A C&R; License (Curio and Relic) can be obtained by anyone that wants to collect Curio and Relic firearms. This license costs $30 for a three year license. It is not difficult to obtain.

C&R; weapons are primarily firearms that are 50+ years old (OR) have some historical significance. The BATFE defines what is and what is not a C&R; weapon. C&R; weapons can be bought and shipped right to the license holder’s door on the “Big Brown Truck.”

Many people who collect C&R; guns call themselves “Crufflers”. Note also that some of the States have their own regulations about shipping and collecting C&R; firearms.

One of our readers comments:

States can keep some out, like SBRs, SB shotguns, threaded barrels, hi-cap mags, etc. This is just one hope for Californians that want certain types of firearms and I really hope that all auction sites will sell to Californians as C&R; to show their solidarity in 2nd amendment rights. I have been discriminated against over and over by these auction sellers.