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Stoeger LE Cougar .40 S&W (31701FC) 

SGC ID: 037084317007

A Potent Compact Pistol NATO Qualified.
The Beretta Cougar semi-auto has developed a formidable reputation as a reliable, potent pistol.
First designed primarily as an undercover gun, the Cougar is now carried by growing numbers of police officers as their official duty sidearm because of its superior ergonomic design, low recoil and inherent accuracy. NATO qualified, the Beretta Cougar boasts an incredible life of more than 30,000 shots (9mm caliber). Using the modern C.A.D. design system, Beretta has been able to develop an ergonomically advanced pistol, compact but capable of handling high-power cartridges as the 9 mm, 357 SIG, 40 S&W or the 45 ACP, with great fire capacity and extraordinary long life. This has been possible also thanks to a brilliant adaptation of a proven locked breech system with rotating barrel.

Unique Rotating Barrel.
By channeling part of the recoil energy into barrel rotation, and by partially absorbing the barrel and slide recoil shock through the central block before it is transferred to the frame, the Cougar achieves unusually low felt recoil. When the Cougar is in battery, the positive lock-up of barrel to slide assures perfect alignment of barrel and sights. Upon firing, the barrel travels and rotates with axial movement. The result is superior accuracy and quicker recovery for second shot.

Advanced Ergonomics.
The Cougar is one of the most ergonomically advanced pistols in its class. The user-friendly, contoured frame and grips make the Cougar exceptionally easy to control during firing. By taking hand anatomy and instinctive hold into account, the Cougar accommodates smaller hands and also protects larger hands from being pinched by the slide. All edges are rounded or beveled and carefully finished to make the Cougar virtually snag-proof and exceptionally easy to draw and conceal.

The Cougar pistols.
Deliver major firepower in F or D (Double Action Only) operating systems. Some models are available in Inox version with a stainless steel slide, barrel and other key components.
Walnut grips can be supplied upon request.

1) Cold Hammer Forget Barrel. Reduces felt recoil and improves stability and accuracy. Cougar barrels are cold hammer forged and bores are hard chrome lined for exceptional strength and durability.
2) Quick Reaction 3-Dot Sights. Beretta's standard 3-dot sight system is designed for quick target acquisition. Three-dot tritium night sight systems are also available.
3) Unique Ultra-Safe Design. (F models) The same safety systems found on Beretta's 92/96 Series pistols including ambidextrous safety decocking lever, rotating firing pin striker, automatic firing pin block, chamber-loaded indicator.
4) Radiused Backstrap. Grip area is precisely recessed and curved to snugly accommodate the shooter's hand, protecting the thumb web from being pinched by the slide.
5) Grips. Standard grips are checkered plastic. Checkered walnut grips available.
6) Combat-Style Trigger Guard. For a sure two-handed grip. Enlarged opening allows the use of gloves.
7) Disassembly Latch. Conveniently located, simplifies field stripping and maintenance.
8) No Glare Matte Black Finish. External surfaces are protected with Beretta's exclusive Bruniton non-reflective finish. 

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