Updated on April 11, 2011

Mouseguns.com is basically a collection of links to all sorts of firearms information that interests me, AND my own reviews of various firearms, and my observations on this and that. I especially like SMALL GUNS, but all the other guns interest me, too.

I created mouseguns.com in the late Fall of 2004 as an aid to my personal research into small pocket pistols. I had decided I wanted a pocket pistol. But, I wasn't sure which pistol would be right for me. A friend at church had a handgun carry permit, and got me interested in having a permit, too. He kindly sold me his Ruger P95 (definitely not a pocket gun), which I used in the permit class. My firearms experience up to that point consisted of some familiarity with a Savage .22 rifle I had purchased about 20 years ago, and an old (and not very good) H & R .22 pistol I had received from my father.

As I researched the information available on the internet, with great help from Google and the various firearm forums, I compiled lists of links to firearm and ballistic information, to help myself review all the information. I was especially interested from the beginning in very small guns, hence the name: mouseguns.com. I wasn't then aware then that Massad Ayoob (whom I greatly respect) had coined the term, or that it was a "put down" on smaller caliber guns. I finally decided on a Kel-Tec P3AT, and got one for Christmas in 2004. As I became familiar with my new pistol, and shot it at Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area Range, I took photographs, and recorded my experiences, and placed a review of my P3AT on my new mouseguns.com website. I took pictures of PCWMA Range, and gave directions on my website.

When I took my permit class, I took notes, and made photographs, and added that to the mouseguns.com website. One thing led to another, and soon I was trying out other little pistols: A Beretta .22, a Kel-Tec P-11; and then several rifles somehow gravitated in my direction, including military surplus. Every time I had a new pistol or rifle to discover, I took photos and wrote range reports and reviews. (I especially like "mouseguns" AND military surplus rifles. An odd combination, perhaps.) Meanwhile, I continued to add to my lists of links for further research; and so mouseguns.com developed and grew. Mouseguns.com has become fairly well-known around the internet among firearm enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment rights people, and receives about 540 distinct visitors each day. (I keep a little "site meter" logo at the bottom of the index page, and I check on the statistics every so often.)

In 2010 I thought seriously about dis-continuing the website, because it has accomplished for me my original purpose. I believe over these past years I have become fairly knowledgeable about a wide range of firearms. At least, I know what works for me; and I am extremely committed to gun safety. However, many people have told me that the website has been something good in their lives, so I have finally made a conscious and deliberate decision to continue mouseguns.com for the forseeable future.

I have several purposes that I want to state clearly here for all to read.

If you are a hunter then "more power to you." I am not opposed to hunting. Go for it! I am not personally interested in hunting, though. I like double cheese burgers from MacDonalds. Guns interest me mechanically. They also interest me for marksmanship, self-defense and 2nd Amendment purposes; but I'm not a hunter. (However, I will vote for and defend your right to hunt!)

There are some people who should not have guns. Careless people should not have guns. Stupid people should not have guns. Unsupervised children should not have guns. Violent spouse abusers should not have guns. Criminals should not have guns. Those who are severely depressed should not have guns. Those who would harm themselves or others should not have guns. If you are depressed and thinking of suicide, would you please email me, and let me listen to your problems and help you. If you are angry and are tempted to shoot other people, please email me, and let me try to talk you out of it. I will help you if I can. My email address is E-MAIL.

Always keep your guns out of the hands of children of all ages! Would you leave your skil-saw plugged in and on your breakfast table for your toddler to find? Would you leave a sharp kitchen knife on the floor for your toddler to find and play with? Your gun is a useful but dangerous tool. Never leave any gun, loaded or unloaded, lying out for children to find and play with. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!! If you do, you are a fool, and worse than a fool, and you should be punished severely! I say children "of all ages" because there are also older people who know nothing about guns, and should not be handling them. Keep all your guns locked up and stored away, except for the one you are carrying with you. That's genuine and useful "gun control."

Never "show off" with your guns. If you have a permit to carry a handgun, keep your handgun concealed, unless you are out hunting or camping, and it is therefore appropriate to carry it holstered on your hip. Don't "brandish" your firearm. Don't horseplay or twirl your gun. Friends have accidentally killed friends doing these things. Don't be a fool! Don't act like a nut with no sense.

DO carry your pistol with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is no use to own a gun for self-defense, if you can't quickly reach it when the intruder suddenly breaks in your door, or attacks you in a restaurant, or mall parking lot.


Any firearm has the potential to injure or kill. As such, the safe handling and maintenance of a gun should not be taken lightly. Please use caution at all times when handling any firearm. If you are new to guns, take a gun safety course from the NRA, or the local police, or an otherwise accredited instructor. Even if you are experienced in handling firearms, review safety rules from time to time and consider taking a refresher course, or more advanced training.

Mouseguns.com is open to the general publicís view. I do my best, but do not assume that anything posted here is automatically correct. I do not claim any official standing or experise, nor am I offering legal advice. I am not a lawyer. With regard to using firearms for self-defense, you should seek the advice, guidance and training of professionals. In the United States of America, owning a firearm is a constitutional right, but as with all rights, it carries commensurate responsibility. Avail yourself of the necessary knowledge and experience to become a responsible gun owner. If you have a permit to carry a handgun, remember that carrying a firearm in public involves great responsibility and requires a high level of knowledge, training and skill. If you need legal advice regarding firearms, consult a practicing attorney in your local area. Firearms laws vary widely in different states, counties, and municipalities.

There is a wealth of information to be found by following mouseguns.com links, but YOU and you alone are responsible for your own actions. Please be very careful with your firearms. Practice all the safety rules. Never do anything illegal or harmful to another person.

By the way, if you find links that don't work, let me know, and I will drop them or fix them. I appreciate your help. Comments