There is simply no substitute for unwavering safe gun-handling practice.
Learn the rules, and stick with them. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL!

Basic Gun Clearing and Safety Video (Very Good)
What if you shoot yourself in the leg? Photos and description
Handgun Safety Warnings! (Adapted from Rohrbaugh manual)
True Gun Safety, Gabe Suarez
Safety With Firearms
What Happens If You Aren't Careful! (Pix)
Safety at the Firing Range (Ricochets)
Man Forgets Rules/Shoots Self (Photos)
Children and Gun Safety
Firearms Safety
Mak Goes Full Auto/Accidentally Self-Shot
So You've Bought Yourself A Gun
The Ten Commandments of Gun Safety
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DEA Agent Shoots Self in Safety Class
Illustration of Very UNSAFE gun handling
Handgun Safety Rules and Procedures
Firearm Safety
Annotated Safety Rules
NAA Firearm Safety Rules
Gun Safety in the Home
Firearms Safety and Children FAQ
Avoiding An Accidental Discharge with a Semi-Auto
Real Stories of Accidental Discharges
Avoiding Accidental Discharges
Very Frightening Gun Safety Incident and Discussion
Safely Carrying CCW Discussion
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Preventing Eye Injuries
Protect Your Hearing!
Beretta's Firearm Safety Website
Retaining Your Weapon from an Attacker