The Revolver As A CCW Gun (Gabe Suarez)
The "Obsolete" Revolver (good general information)
Vest-Pocket Revolvers by James Rummel
Magazine Reviews of All NAA Firearms

Arranged By Caliber in Ascending Order


6mm Flobert Revolvers
Book: The Tiniest Guns (with enlargeable photos)
Miniature Arms Related Links
2mm Berloque pinfires
Small Derringers in Germany
The Swiss Mini Gun
The World's Smallest Revolver


NAA 17 HMR Mini Revolver
NAA 17 Mach2 Mini Revolver
Owners Manual for All NAA Revolvers


S&W Model 317 Airlite
NAA Breaktop 22 Magnum Ranger - Official Page
NAA "Ranger" (22 Magnum) discussion with photos
Cobray Pocket Pal
BR's NAA Journal (Pug, Black Widow, etc., blog)
Bruce Eimer reviews the NAA "Pug"
Peter Caroline Reviews the NAA "Pug"
Mousegunner's H&R 676 .22lr or .22wmr
Cimarron Plinkerton Yoicks! (Read all and look at photos!)
"The Earl" .22 Magnum Revolver from NAA
Photo of three inch Earl from NAA
More From NAA about the Earl
NAA "The Earl" Range Report
NAA Blackpowder 22 Magnum Revolver
Randy's Range Report: S and W 351PD (22 mag)
Aaron Carter Reviews the NAA Mini Master
Randy Wakeman Reviews the NAA Mini Master
Limited Edition NAA 22Magnum "Pug"
2007 NAA Black Widow Tests
The Pleasures of .22 Handguns
The VeloDog Revolver
Beretta Sable 22short
Taurus 941 Ultra Light 22Mag
Taurus 941UL .22 MAG
Gunblast Review Taurus 941UL
Charter Arms Dixie Derringer (LR or 22Mag)
"The Martialist" Reviews NAA Mini Revolvers
NAA 22 short Mini Revolver
NAA 22 long rifle Mini Revolver
NAA 22 Black Widow and Mini-Master
NAA 22 Magnum Mini-Revolver
NAA Cap and Ball (Black Powder) Mini Revolvers
Owners Manual for All NAA Revolvers
Discussion NAA Revolvers/various ammo loads
NAA 22 Mini Revolvers review
Smith and Wesson AirLite Scandium Alloy 351PD
Rocky Mountain Arms Mini Revolver
Smith and Wesson 317 (Les Jones Review)
Smith and Wesson 317 (Taffin's Review)
Smith and Wesson 317 (Gunblast Review)
Personal NAA mini revolver experiences
NAA Riverboat Gun Article in PDF


S&W 331/332 Airlite in 32 Mag
NAA Mini Revolver in 32 H&R Magnum
Taurus Ultra Light 32 Magnum (Gunblast)
Braverman Folding Pocket Revolver
Taurus Total Titanium Model 731
Smith & Wesson Model 431PD/432PD
32 Caliber Revolver Discussion (and Pix)

380 ACP

Cobray Pocket Pal


Charter Arms Rimless Revolver -- The 9mm version weighs only 12 ounces, and can also shoot .380 ACP ammo (which is 9mm "kurz" or "short"!


Charter Arms Lightweight Revolvers

Very Nice PDF Review of the "Off Duty" and "Undercover" Revolvers
Charter Arms "Off Duty" at Gunblast
"Off Duty" Official Home Page
Charter Arms "On Duty" Revolver
Charter Arms "Undercover"
Charter Arms Undercover Discussion
Nice Undercover Photo Here
The Charter Arms Pink B, reviewed at

Ruger LCR

Ruger LCR Photos and Range Report
Ruger LCR Reviewed at GunsHolstersandGear
Very Nice Video Review of the Ruger LCR
LCR Review at
New (March 2009) Ruger LCR Revolver
Xavier's Thoughts on the Ruger LCR (Followed by 39 Comments!)
Jeff Quinn of Reviews the new LCR Ruger Revolver
More info from Ruger about the new LCR

Various Smith and Wesson Lightweight or Airweight J-Frame Revolvers

Bodyguard 38 Polymer Revolver
Smith and Wesson 37, 637
Smith and Wesson Airlite 317
Smith and Wesson Airlite Sc 340
Smith and Wesson 342PD Titanium
More about the 342PD
Smith & Wesson 342 Airlite Titanium
Smith and Wesson 351PD (22 magnum)
Smith and Wesson Airlite Sc 360
Smith and Wesson 442
Smith and Wesson 638
Smith and Wesson Airweight Guns Taurus Ultralight 85
342PD Discussion Thread

Taurus Lightweight Revolvers

Taurus Protector Polymer in .38
38 Snubs vs 380 Semiautos
Total Titanium Taurus 85
More About the Taurus Titanium 85
Titanium Taurus (PDF format)


Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum- -M340PD Scandium Centennial
340 M&P .357 Magnum Centennial (Reviewed at
Taurus Ultralight Protector

You may find a single or double shot derringer in a high caliber, and still be under my 16 oz weight limit for a mousegun.

NOT MOUSEGUNS: Long Range Scoped Revolvers