"Ratgun" definition -- A ratgun is a small semi-auto gun, almost pocket-sized, that chambers a round more powerful than a 9mm. (The line must be drawn somewhere, so I'm classifying 9mm pistols that weigh less than 16 ounces as mouseguns. I also consider revolvers to be too fat to be in the ratgun category.) A ratgun is a mousegun on steroids! I will try to list some interesting ratgun links below. I started this page on July 12, 2005, so check back in a few weeks to see if I've got some good links. (Ratguns are excellent for cool weather ccw.)


Compact Comparison Chart by David L
Why Shoot a .45 Caliber Gun?
The Case for the .45ACP Cartridge
Ten .45 cartridge varities tested .45ACP Ammunition Test Info
The Sub-Compact GLOCKS (Chuck Hawks)
Detailed Photos of A GLOCK 22 (larger than a ratgun, but nice photos!)


AMT "Backup" Review
AMT "Backup" Specs and a Photo


Rami CZ 2075 in 40 Caliber (PDF format)


Taurus Millennium Pro PT145
Detailed Photos of the Taurus PT-145 Mil Pro
Gunblast Review of PT145 Mil Pro
Mil Pro PT145 owners discussion
Extensive Review on GlockTalk


The Semmerling (or Simmerling) LM4 is small enough to be a genuine mousegun, however it weighs too much. So, it is a ratgun, sure enough!

Semmerling LM4
Simmerling LM4 at ADC


Kahr PM45
Guntests Reviews Kahr PM40, CZ Rami and SA XD40
Kahr KP4543 news release
Kim Du Toit's thoughts on the Kahr P45
Kahr P45 Range Report with Photos
Gun Tests picks the Kahr PM40

GLOCKS Chuck Taylor's Review of the Glock 27
Mousegunner's Review of His Glock 27
Backup GLOCK
Video: Dismantling A GLOCK 27
GLOCK 27 Video Review About Magazine Options
The GLOCK 27 - Mark Freburg
GLOCK 27 Specifications from TeamGlock
LoneWolf Barrel: Convert GLOCK 27 to GLOCK 26
My Sweetspot with the GLOCK 27, by ChristianGunOwner
Shooting the 357SIG in a GLOCK 27
GLOCK 27 Magazine Options
Dave Roberson: Range Report on GLOCK 27
The Sub-Compact GLOCKS (Chuck Hawks)


Large Hi-Resolution Photos of an XD9 Service Model
Sub Compact Springfield Armory XD Pistols
Springfield XD Manual
Subcompact XD 40 Reviewed and Discussed
Micro GAP .45
Springfield Micro Compact .45
Springfield Armory Compact 1911A1


Kel-Tec P-40 Reviews on KTOG
Kel-Tec P40 Photo on SecurityArms
Jerry Cannon's P-40 Review
"Batman" compares the P-40 to the P-11 (lots of photos)
My P40/357SIG
Make Your Own Kel-Tec P40 (Lots of photos)


Minimax Subcompact 45
Focusing on the Llama Mini-Max and Mini-Max Sub Compact
Short Review


Para Ord Covert Black Carry
Para Warthawg


The Patriot .45 was designed by world famous firearms designer Nehemia Sirkis. Sirkis was a member of the Israeli national shooting team for 20 years and won the Israeli title seven times during his athletic career. Sirkis is one of the world's foremost weapons designers. In 1997, he went to work for Kimber of America. The Patriot .45 is a well designed pistol and very inexpensive.

Cobra Patriot 45 Review
Discussion and several range reports
Cobra Patriot .45 Review
Cobra Patriot .45 Manual (PDF Format)
User Reviews of Cobra Patriot
Patriot Discussion Group (defunct)
Johnboy's Patriot .45 Review (4 pages w. photos)


Interesting range report and discussion of the Liberator pistol


Kimber Ultra Carry (Official website)
Kimber Ultra Carry Review
Ultra Carry II sale
Ultra Carry Discussion on Glocktalk
Ultra Raptor II (and other guns)


Official CZ-USA page on Rami 2075
Guns Mag Reviews CZ Rami .40
Guns and Ammo Mag Review of CZ 2075
Armed Citizen Compendium of Reviews


The Downsizer