Prentice Cooper Shooting Range

This web page will show you how to get to Prentice Cooper Shooting Range, near Chattanooga, Tennessee (about a 20 minute drive). PCSR is free to the public, and is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday from sunrise to sunset; and Sundays from 1:00 ET until sunset. It is closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and during managed hunts. See the official web site here for more info and phone numbers.

Prentice Cooper WMA - Rifles and handguns only. No shotguns. Open Thursdays through Mondays, daylight hours only. Closed during big game hunts. Contact Clint Smith. (423) 658-9201 for more information.

A photographic guide to going to the shooting range, and some pictures of the range: (there are a lot of large pictures, so be patient with your internet!)

If you are coming from Chattanooga on Highway 127, turn left onto Suck Creek Road, at the foot of Signal Mountain, just before 127 starts up the mountain. Of course if you are coming down FROM Signal Mountain, you will turn right on Suck Creek Road at the foot of the mountain. Suck Creek Road is also called Hwy 27. As you proceed on Suck Creek Road the Tennessee River will be on your left until Hwy 27 leaves the riverside.

Hwy 27 meanders up Walden's Ridge. It is quite scenic in the Summer.

You will pass a sign shot full of holes!

And a "Welcome to Walden's Ridge sign...

Very soon you will see the Prentice Cooper sign on your left. TURN LEFT HERE!

Keep on turning left! You will see a few little signs to follow.

When you see this row of mailboxes, keep on straight onto the gravel road.

Just keep on straight on the gravel road.

Keep on going straight.

You will pass a few signs.

Keep on going straight ahead, that's not it!

THERE'S THAT PESKY SIGN! Turn right onto a narrow gravel road, and you're nearly there.

Follow the winding gravel road. See the range off to your right through the trees?

Now you have arrived! Rifle ranges are first, the handgun range is further down the lane.

The 50 yard range is first, then the 100 yard range, then the handgun range.
Sorry, the 100 yard range is the longest rifle range!

The "Range Rules" are posted in several places on the chain link fence.
We use the honor system, there is no range officer present. Keep the rules!

This is the entrance to the Handgun range on the right.
If you go in and turn left, you will be on the rifle range.

This is yours truly ("Mousegunner") pretending to shoot a Kel-Tec P-11 at the 15 yard handgun range.

Here I am with a fellow I found shooting his Ruger 22 pistol at the handgun range.
NOTE: There are about 6 or 8 handgun stations.
We are so good looking we almost broke the camera, but fortunately it still functions.

This is a view of the 100 yard range from the handgun range. Cross shooting is not allowed!

Another view of the rifle range, viewed from the handgun range.
For a free range, I think it is pretty nice! I just depends on how many shooters are involved. Sometimes it is too busy!

Remember, keep on turning left to get to the shooting range. Keep on turning right to find your way back to Hwy 27 (Suck Creek Road).

Important PS: As far as I can tell, there are no toilet facilities. So bring your own TP, and go behind a friendly tree, if you must.

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