Getting My CCW Permit
in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Page Three

By M. S. J.

Page Three of this Tennessee CCW report.

Update March 7, 2005

Today I found time to visit the Drivers License Station which is used by everyone in the Chattanooga area. This is the place to which you must go to sign your application in front of the authorities. Remember, when you get your application for a Tennessee Carry Permit, do not sign it until you do it in front of someone at the Drivers License Station!

The Drivers License Station for Hamilton County (Chattanooga and surrounding towns) is located on Bonny Oaks Drive, which is off of Hwy. 153. Here is a MapQuest map:

I arrived at the DLS at 1 PM, Monday, March 7. There were only a few people standing in line. When I was asked what I was there for, I said "to get a Handgun Permit." The lady had a stack of applications right at hand, and gave me one, but I already had received one at my Permit Class last week, and had it filled out already. She also gave me a number, so I could hurry up and wait. After about 20 minutes my number was called. I took my application, and my class certificate to the designated window, and the lady there watched me sign the application, and then she signed that she had seen me sign it. She also examined my drivers license (no other ID was asked for). She took my personal copy of my class certificate, and wrote an 800 number on it, for me to call, and set up an appointement to be fingerprinted.

Then I was sent across the room to the cashier, and paid the application fee of $115. Then I was sent to have my picture taken, and that was it. I left the building at 1:30 PM. I was very pleased to have gone through the entire process in only 30 minutes, and must conclude that Monday at 1 PM, on a rainy day, is a good time to go to the DLS. I have previously spent up to three hours there, just getting a drivers license renewed! It is the only DLS for an area of 200,000 population, and can get very over crowded.

As soon as I reached my car in the DLS parking lot, I used my cell phone to call the 800 number to set up an appointment to be fingerprinted. My appointment will be on Wednesday, March 9, at 11:45 AM, at Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. If you live in Chattanooga, you will know where Moccasin Bend Hospital is located. It is a mental health facility, so maybe this is a logical place to send "gun nuts" for fingerprinting (a little humor).

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