Getting My CCW Permit
in Chattanooga, Tennessee

By M. S. J.

Page one of this Tennessee CCW report. I am writing this in order to give encouragement to anyone out there in internet land, who may be thinking about getting a CCW permit in Tennessee, or some other state. Go for it!

I have always been interested in guns. When I was in third grade my parents gave me a BB rifle for Christmas. I really enjoyed shooting at targets, empty BB "shells" and even shot a few sparrows and pigeons. I lived on a farm, and would even occasionally shoot a pig in the rump just to make him squeal. I'm sure it didn't really bother the pig very much.

In Junior High School I also acquired an air pistol that would shoot BB's, darts or pellets, just one at a time. I had a friend who had one too, and we would shoot targets together.

I never had a real firearm until after I was married, and was about 27 years old. I found a magazine in the local mall about 22 caliber pistols and rifles, and got interested in shooting again. I ordered a Savage Stevens 22 rifle from Sears-Roebuck, and enjoyed shooting at targets out in the country.

My father gave me an old H and R 22 revolver, with a six inch barrel, about ten years ago, and I enjoyed shooting that, too. It wasn't really much of a gun, but it was fun. I've since traded it for some 380 ammo.

In November 2004 there was a TV report about two young men who had decided to become murderers, just for the fun of killing. They knocked on a random family's door, and when they were admitted, they gruesomely murdered the couple. They had previously tried a different house, but the fellow who lived there had showed them his gun when answering the door, and they had left to find easier prey.

I suggested to my wife that she give me a pistol for a Christmas present, and she agreed. I did a lot of research. I wanted a gun that I could easily carry in my pocket, and have it with me constantly, yet not be weighed down with it. I decided to get a Kel-Tec P3AT. About a week later I found a good deal on a new one at Benton Shooting Supply, in Benton, TN. I believe it sold for $229.00 plus tax, etc. BSS is one of the larger gun stores in the Chattanooga, TN area, and well worth a visit. You can see my P3AT HERE.

I began looking around for a certified class to get a handgun carry permit from the state of Tennessee. I signed up in January 2005 for a class at Chattanooga State. However, they put me on a wait list, and apparently they never got enough people for a class. The cost there would have been $59.00. There are several other places in this area that offer classes regularly, and I have signed up for Saturday, March 5, 2005, at Sportsman's Supply and Services, which is located at 4824 Hixson Pike, in Hixson, a suburb of Chattanooga. The class is supposed to go from 9 AM to 5 PM, or whenever. The cost will be $75.00, payable on Saturday morning either by cash or check.

I was told to bring a straight shooting gun, and fifty rounds of ammo. I'm not going to use my little P3AT, because I have a full-size pistol that is more accurate, a 9mm Ruger P95DC. I got this used from a friend of mine last month, when he traded for a new Ruger P345. I put a Hogue Handall on my Ruger (which was a struggle, it was so tight!) Also, I purchased two high capacity magazines. One is a Promag, and holds 14 rounds. The other is a MecGar, which holds 16 rounds. I have two more magazines that came with the Ruger, each holding ten rounds. I'm going to take a box of Winchester el cheapo ammo from WalMart ($10.96 per 100), and I hope they shoot well. I've shot this ammo in this gun before, and had no failures. Here are a couple a pictures of my Ruger P95, in case you are interested:

I'm going to carry it to class locked in its box...

The locked box and ammo and extra magazines in a $10 nylon bag from WalMart...

UPDATE March 5, 2005: I'll be leaving in about 45 minutes for my class, which goes from 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday. Last night I packed my bag. I've got my gun in a locked box, eye and ear protection, 4 loaded magazines, a box of extra ammo, in case we get to do some practice shooting, and a "mag loader." I've also got a notepad and some pens and a pencil. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Oh yes, $75 to pay for the class, and a few extra dollars for lunch. I have a friend who took the class at a different place last week, and have been emailing him for info.

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