"Unarmed combat is what we enter into when we have been foolish enough not to have a weapon; careless enough to lose our weapon, or unlucky enough to have broken our weapon. But in any case our first choice will be to use deadly weapons to finish off our opponent. Lacking those weapons; then our hands and feet will have to do." W.E. Fairbairn

HOWEVER.....In some circumstances, it will be inappropriate to use a gun for self-defense. Deadly force may not be justifiable or necessary. Sometimes it will just not be possible to use a gun, even if you have one. It is down-right foolish to think of self-defense strictly in terms of firearms or other weapons! This is a page of links devoted to other forms of armed and un-armed self-defense. (Always remember, if you can run away and escape the fight altogether, that is probably the right thing to do!)

Sticks (Long or Short)

Yawara Stick (short) and Everyday Substitutes
Bojutsu (Long Sticks)
Self-Defense with a Cane (1)
Self-Defense with a Cane (2)
Koppo Stick Self-Defense
Koppo Stick Part 2
Yawara Stick Self-Defense
Using A Pen for Self-Defense
MiniMag Flashlight
Kubotan Discussion (short stick)
Kubotan Discussion Part 2
Kubotan Discussion Part 3
Make Your Own Pocket Stick
The Unbreakable Umbrella

The Spear

Deer Hunting with A Spear
King of Weapons, the Spear (PDF)
Spear, King of All Weapons
Wikipedia Article on Using the Spear

The Sword

Thy Myth of the Sword


The "Fair Sword"
Close Up Knives Have the Advantage Over Guns
Knife Fighting Reality Break
Being a Knife Fighter
Small Knives for Self-Defense
State Knife Laws
Fighting with a Tomahawk
Machete in Self-Defense
History of Machete

Bow and Arrow

Chapter Six from W. Marshall's Perfect End
Used in Combat in WW2
Traditional Bow Making
Grozer Traditional Recurve Bows

Vision Related

Buy Pepper Spray
Modern Metsubushi Concepts
Pepper Spray
Fox Labs Pepper Spray (hottest)
Punch II Pepper Spray (a bit less hot, but highly rated, and cheaper than Fox)

Double Purpose Objects

Common Household Items
Sword Cane
Improvised Weapons
More Improvised Weapons
LEOs Discuss Flashlight As A Weapon
Belt Fighting
Unusual Weapons Seminar
Handbags and Related Items
Stinger Key Chain device
Makeshift Weapons for Self-Defense
The Unbreakable Umbrella
HomeMade Weapons
Carpenter's Hammer

Un-armed Self-Defense

Street Fighting Tips
Judo Information Site
Kodokan Goshin Jutsu
Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee)
Shotokan Karate
Street Fighting Tips
Hand to Hand Combat Tips
Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu
Basic Boxing
Savate (using your feet)
Tae Kwon Do
Unarmed Combat Forum

General Self-Defense

Self-defense and Hikuta martial arts
The Christian Martial Artist
DonRearic.Com (Many articles)
Fighting Back at 40,000 Feet
Countering Blind-side Attacks

"Safe Rooms" At Home

How a Panic Room Works
How to Build A Panic Room
Safe Room
Wikipedia Safe Room Article
No Nonsense Self-Defense Safe Room