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Carbines for Collectors
How Accurate is Your Military Surplus Rifle?

ARISAKA (Japanese) 6.5mm

Modern Firearms Article and Photos
Wikipedia Article
Type 38 Arisaka Rifle (also Wikipedia)
History of Arisaka (also Wikipedia)
Chuck Hawks article about the 6.5 X 50 ammo
Arisaka Type 38, Many Photos
Arisaka Cartridges
Arisaka 6.5 x 50 ammo for sale at Midway
Arisaka-Carcano combination
Artical on Hoodlums Forum
Reloading the Japanese 6.5 x 50
Kim du Toit article on the Model 38 Arisaka
Markings on Arisaka rifles and bayonets
American History Article with Photo
Japan's Intriguing Arisakas
Collectable Firearms Article and Photos
Norma Ammo Company, 6.5 Arisaka
Arisaka Rifles for Sale on
Japanese Rifles 1870 - 1945


Italian Military Ammo and Firearms Information
Carcano Photos and Article
Carcano - Wikipedia Article
Carcano - J.F. Kennedy Assassination Rifle
Large Carcano Website by Eichener and Liberatore
A Carcano Comes A'knocking
Jamie Mangrum's Carcano Article on
The Italian 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle
J.F.K.'s Mannlicher
Italy's Mannlicher-Carcano: how did such a good rifle get such a bad reputation?
Carcano Model 38
Video of Someone Shooting the Carcano at a Range
Cruffler Carcano Article, January 2002
Carcano Article


CETME Rifles
Surplus Rifle CETME Page
.308 CETME Nato Instruction Manual
Security Arms CETME Page
Century Arms Black Widow CETME Sporter Reviews
CETME Model C Information
CETME Rifles.Com Forums


Jay Currah's Lee-Enfield Rifle Site
Enfield Rifle Research
The Lee Enfield Rifle


Box O Truth on the M1 Garand
M1 Garand
M1 Garand Encyclopedia Article
Charles' The M1 Garand Rifle
CMP Store in Anniston, Alabama (Buy an M1)
Garand Knowledgebase


Box O Truth Pictures and Firing of Johnson 10 round Semi-Auto


Krag Jorgensen - Wikipedia Article
Krag Petersson - Wikipedia Article
Krag Jorgensen Rifles and Carbines
1894 Norwegian Krag ( article)
Krag Article by Bjoern Andersen
Krag Collectors Association
The Krag Rifle (from Frfrogspad)
Classic Test: Model 1896 Krag-Jorgensen Carbine
Krag Rifle Collectors Forum
The US Krag Rifle


Steyr Mannlicher's exquisite M95 Stutzen
Bulgarian Mannlicher M.95 Rifles and Carbines
A Close Up Look at the 8x56R Ammo of Austria and Bulgaria
Carbina Mannlicher M95 (Italian Web Page, Photos, schematic, Translated)
M95 Action, Trigger, Schematic Drawing
Mannlicher Model 1895, German (Translated)
Austrian M95 and Variations
M95 Parts Order Form from Marstar
Steyr Mannlicher M95 Rifle Bolt Disassembly (With Pictures)
Identifying the M95 and Variations
Rifle and Ammo for the M95 (8x56R)
Ammo (8x56R) Explanation on the HighRoad Forum


Old Mausers
The 1896 Swedish Mauser
Another Swedish Mauser Page
Yugoslavian M48 Mauser
Another Yugo M48 Mauser Page
Scoping Your Yugo M48 Mauser
Yugo M24 and M24/47
Yugoslavian Mauser Models
The Mauser 98K Rifle
Scoping Your Mauser 98K
Mausers of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire


Complete Mosin Disassembly Instructions/Photos
Mosin Nagant Rifle Exploded Views and Disassembly
WikiPedia Mosin Rifle Article (Extensive)
Century Arms International Mosin Nagant Rifle/Carbine Manual
110 Years Of The 7.62X54R (All About Mosin Ammo)
Articles and Pictures of Rare Mosin Rifles
The Mosin Nagant Carbine
History of the Mosin Nagant Rifle
Guide to Indentifying Your Mosin Rifle
The Russian Mosin Nagant
Variations of the Rifles Mosin-Nagant
All About Russian/Soviet Mosins
110 Years of the 7.62x54R Cartridge
Evaluations of Mosin Nagant Ammo
Cleaning and Care of Your Mosin
The Mosin Collector's Forum on GunBoards
All the MosinNagant.Net Articles
The Mosin 91/30 Sniper Page from above site
Mosin Photos and Enlargements
Comparison Photos of All Mosin Models
"Cutaway" video of Mosin Nagant Rifle Operation
Half a Dozen Mosin Videos
The Mosin-Nagant M-38 Carbine (Mosin Nagant)
Mousegunner's 1937 Mosin Nagant 91/30
Mousegunner's 1941 Mosin Nagant 91/30
Mosin Nagant Rifle Humor (Compared to AK and AR)
Mosin Coyote Rifle
Mosin Trivia Quiz
Mosin Nagant Picture Reference Guide
How to Open a Milsurp Ammo Can without a Can Opener
Mosin Parts and Accessories from David's Collectibles
Mosin Scope Mount from Tickbite
Step by Step Installation of S & K Mosin Scope Mount
Making a Mosin Scout Rifle
Darrell's Scout Mount Forum
Discussion: Mounting Scopes to A Mosin
Mosin 91/30 Sniper Rifles and Scopes


Shooter's Journal Reviews the Yugoslavian 59/66A1
Mousegunner's SKS Page
Yugoslavian SKS Gallery
SKS Factory Code Discussion
SKS vs AK Discussion
The SKS Rifle: Tales from beyond the gun show !!!
AK47 vs SKS
Yugo SKS were made in Zastava, Serbia
US Army SKS Manual (PDF)
SKS Manual in HTML Format
Archive of Many SKS Manuals (PDF Format)
Photographic Disassembly of SKS
Varities of SKS Ammo
Photos of Many SKS Models
M59/66 UberYugo Data
What IS the SKS?
Yugo SKS Hog Rifle (lots of modifications)
SKS Manual in Russian/Photos
Yugo-The Last Great SKS
Junk Yard Dog - One Man's SKS
How to Change a Bad Gas Valve on the Yugo SKS
Video of Replacing Yugo Gas Valve
The Paper Clip Fix for Yugo Gas Leak
The Wire or Washer Fix for Yugo Gas Leak
CNC Warrior SKS Parts for Sale
SKS Parts for Sale
Video of Fast Load with Stripper Clip
Lightening the SKS Trigger
The SKS Bolt (Disassembly with photos)
How to Clean an SKS
Adjusting SKS Sights
Tapco SKS Parts and 20 Round Mags
Video of Tapco 20 Round SKS Mags RapidFire
Yugoslavian SKS Photo Gallery
Bosnia/Croatia SKS Sniper Rifles
Yugoslavian SKS Survey
The SKS Reconsidered
Collecting and Shooting the SKS Carbine
The SKS Carbine
SKS History and Development by Gabe Suarez
SKS and AK Variants
Schwartz's SKS FAQ (Survivor FAQ)
Yooper John's SKS Pages
Video of SKS Disassembly and Reassembly
Another Video of Disassembly and Reassembly of the SKS
The Albanian SKS, with Great Disassembly Photos
Ammunition for SKS (and AK)
More About the 7.62 x 39 Cartridge for SKS and AK
Long Field and Stream Kalashnikov Article
WikiPedia Article on the 7.62x39 Cartridge
WikiPedia SKS Article
Meet the SKS Rifle (Read the Links, too!)
SKS Photos and Info
Scoping Your SKS
More About Scoping Your SKS
SKS Tri Rail Picatinny Receiver Cover Replacement
A Variety of SKS Scope Mounts from
Leapers SKS Scope Mounts
Scout Scope Mounts for SKS
What is the SKS Carbine?
The SKS carbine, an honest bargain
What Can I Do (or NOT Do) to My SKS, and Stay Legal?
SKS High Capacity Magazines
Installing A 30 Round Magazine on Your SKS
Survivor's SKS FAQ
Simonov SKS carbine (USSR - Russia)
SKS Carbine, An Honest Bargain
Download SKS Manuals
Range Report: Yugo SKS
Williams Aperture Sight for SKS
Tech Sight SKS After-Market Aperture Sights
Tech Sight Aperture Sight Range Report
Mojo Sights for the SKS
SKS Accuracy FAQ
Improving the SKS (Early Maturity)
Putting a Scout Scope on Your SKS
SKS Rifle Training Circular in PDF
SKS Page (Carbines for Collectors)
GoldenLoki's SKS Sporter Project
GoldenLoki's Trigger Disassembly for SKS
GoldenLoki's SKS Trigger Improvement
Improving the SKS Trigger
SKS Accessories and Parts
More SKS Accessories and Parts
Tapco 20 Round Magazine Video
Purchase an SKS Inert Grenade for Your Yugo
Video of Soldier Launching Grenade from Yugo SKS
Yugo SKS Golf Ball Launcher


Springfield 1903
Springfield 1903A3 at Box O Truth (Pics and discussion)
The Springfield M1903
Another Springfield 1903 Page


The Swiss Rifle
Switzerland's Finest Rifle (K-31)
Gunsmithing and Replacement Stocks for the K-31
Boyd's K-31 Replacement Stock
Installing A Scout Scope on Your Swiss K-31
Finn Nielsen's K-31 Article
Switzerland's Finest
Hunting Ammo for the Swiss K-31

Other Milsurp Links

The Best List of "Curio and Relic" Dealers with Links
Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles of WW2
Terminal Ballistics of Military Rounds
Cleaning Your Weapon After Firing Corrosive Ammo
Military Pistols Photo Gallery
The 1895 Nagant 7.62mm. Revolver
1895 Nagant Revolver
Czech CZ52
CZ52 Firing Pin and Safety Work
The Unofficial Polish P-64 Website (and Bulletin Board!)
Polish P64
Tokarev Review
Tokarev Disassembly and Reassembly
Makarov.Com's List of "Other Guns"
Milsurp Cartridges Compared to Modern Cartridges (Ballistics)
Hunting With MilSurp Rifles
The M14 Rifle
Wikipedia Article on the M14
Surplus Rifel Site on the M14
Operating the M14 Rifle
Guns Magazine Article on the M1A/M14
Carbines for Collectors
Downloadable Gun Manuals in PDF Format
Ocala Armory
Steyr Mannlicher Rifles
Military Bolt Action Photo Gallery
Military Autoloading Rifles Photo Gallery
Big L.E.E.S. Military Surplus Rifle Site
Choosing Your Battle Rifle
One Man's Extensive Collection with Pics and Info
Tokarev SVT-40
SVT-40 Range Report
Tokarev SVT Models
The SAFN 49
FN FAL, Photos and Info
History of the FAL
FAL Files Forums
FN-FAL, Wikipedia Article and Links
Browning Automatic Rifle
BAR WikiPedia Article
BAR Photos and Information
Return of the BAR (Reproduction in Semi-auto)
Johnson M1941 Photos and Information
WikiPedia Article on the Johnson Rifle
The Johnson Rifle Site


Mil-Surp PARTS

Big list of Dealers of Curio/Relic Guns

Empire Arms (Sales)
Alan's Armory (Sales)
Collectible Firearms
P & S Guns and Militaria (Sales)
F.G.S. Inc.
Military Gun Supply (Sales)
J & G Sales
Interordnance of America (Sales)
Century International Arms, Inc (Sales)
AIM Surplus
Classic Arms Inc (Sales)
Sarco Inc (Sales)
Simpson LTD (Sales)
Samco Global Arms (Sales)
Big L.E.E.S. Online Sales Links for Swiss Rifles
Boyd's Replacement Rifle Stocks


Dan's Ammo
Graf and Sons
J and G Sales


SurplusRifle.Com Forums
Yesterday's Weapons
C & R Gun Collector Forums
GunBoards.Com (Sections for Everything!)
The P64 Message Board
The Swiss Rifle Forum
The SwissRifles.Com Message Board
The Russian Mosin Nagant Forum
Parallax Bill's Forums
Survivor's SKS Forum
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