New Stock for Hi-Point Carbine

From Mike (Bandit 320) on the old board...

I just got a couple of photos of the prototype stock designs for the 995 and 4095. Very cool. Pistol grip, bunches of rails, adjustable length of pull. I'll definitely get one. As soon as I get a photobucket account set up and figure out how to post a photo I will post them. Sometime tonight I guess. I was told that these would not be the final version so take me for info only on which direction they are working.

Someone asked....

Mike's Answer:

The only additional info that I asked, and therefore got, is that they would be for both the 9mm and the 40, that we could buy them for carbines we already own, and that the final design will probably be a little different. People on the forum had stated they would be coming on new carbines at some point in the future, so I didn't ask that. Just from the looks of the design (like the adjustable length of pull) they would have to be made out of something a little more solid than the current ones.