"All Hi-Point Firearms carry a Lifetime, No-Questions Asked Warranty. If any Hi-Point
Firearm is ever need of service, please call 877-425-4867. Whether you are the original
purchaser, or a third-hand owner, your Hi-Point firearm will be repaired free of charge."
(From the official website)

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General Information

Masaad Ayoob: "Cheap Guns Are Good Enough"

Hi-Point Flyer from November 2006 (Products/Price Guide)
Official Hi-Point Firearms Website
Official Hi-Point Firearms Manuals
A Testament to Hi-Point Customer Service
Hi-Point has the Best Repair Policy and Service of ANY Firearms Company
Hi-Point "Official" Accessories Page
Hi-Point Firearms Accessories Page
Instruction Sheet for C9 and CF380 Pistols (HTML Format)
General Information from Wikipedia.org
Another Hi-Point Discussion
Hi-Point Discussion on the HighRoad
Hi-Point Pistols Discussion
Find A Hi-Point Dealer
To Order Accessories Call Toll-free 1-866-948-4867
Hi-Point FAQ
HiPointPro.Com (Online store)
Bushman98's Parts Web Store
Comments/Testing Bushman98's Aftermarket Parts (Charging handle and flash hider for the carbines and trigger for the C9)
Wolf's Tips for Smooth Operation (Including Magazine Modifications)

Hi-Point Pistols

Hi-Point C9 or CF380 Manual (PDF)
Hi-Point CF-380 Gun Tests Magazine Review Summary
Hi-Point JC40 Manual (PDF)
Hi-Point JH45 Manual (PDF)
The Mousegunner's Hi-Point C9 Pistol
How to Polish the Feed Ramp
Sunkenloot's C9 with Light and Laser
Big Page with MANY Owners' Reviews of the 9mm HiPoint Pistol
Wolf's Pictorial Guide to Disassembly of the C9
Firearm Overload Review of the 9mm Hi-Point pistol Model C
Firearm Overload Review of the 9mm Hi-Point pistol Model B
Firearm Overload Review of the 9mm Hi-Point pistol Model A
Donberry's Long Review of His Hi-Point C9
Cleaning Your Hi-Point Pistol (letter from Manufacturer)
The Use and Operation of the Hi-Point Semi-automatic Pistol
Wiki-How: How to Disassemble your Hi Point Pistol
Shooting Times Magazine reviews the Hi-Point 45ACP and 40SW pistols
Mad Hatter Discusses His .40SW Hi-Point Pistol
Wikipedia.org on the Hi-Point 45ACP Pistol
Hi-Point 45 Reviewed at DefenseReview
Hi-Point C-9 Owner's Review and Discussion
Lloyd Walker Reviews the Hi-Point C9 Pistol
Diagram of Pistol Parts
Complete Photographic Disassembly of C9 at Hi-Point Yahoo Group
How to Clean Hi-Point 9mm (many photos)
Owner's Report on Hi Point 9mm Pistol
D.Zimmerman's C9
Uncle Mike's Holster to Fit the 9mm Compact Model
Fobus Paddle Holster for .380 or 9mm
Vega Holster for All Hi-Point Pistols
Holsters from West Wood's Landing
Planet Holster on EBay
Houston Holster for Hi-Point 9mm or .380
GlockTalker Likes His C9 Pistol

Photos of Hi-Point Firearms
One man's testimony of incredible durability of his C9

Hi-Point Carbines

Gunblast Reviews the New 9mm Carbine (2010 Review)
Tactical Stock Upgrade Kit from Hi-Point
Ammoland Reviews the new 995TS
Hi-Point 995TS (TS stands for Target Stock) Review by Max100
Carbine Chronograph Data
Drawings of New Carbine Stock (not yet for sale)
Actual photo of new stock in development
Wolf's Carbine Disassembly Guide (PDF Format-Very Big File)
Tell Me About Hi-Point Carbines (GlockTalk Thread)
Another GlockTalker Loves His Hi-Point Carbine
First Glimpse of the New Hi-Point Carbine Stock
Guntests Magazine Compares the Hi-Point and Ruger Carbines
995 Manual (PDF)
995TS Carbine Manual (PDF)
"TheRealSteamer's" 995 Review
HighRoad Discussion of HiPoint vs KelTec vs Marlin vs Ruger Carbines
Review (with photos) of Bushman's Carbine Charging Handle Replacement
FiringLine Discussion of HiPoint vs KelTec Carbine
One Man's HiPoint vs KelTec "Shootout" Review
Firearm Review: Hi-Point 995 9mm Carbine
Testimonials for the Hi-Point 995 on Pistolsmith.Com
Comparing the SKS to the Hi-Point 995
Chronograph Velocities of Various 9mm Cartridges from a Hi-Point 995
Mark LeFebre Reviews the Hi-Point 995 Carbine
Barrel Shroud for 995 Carbine
303brit Reviews His Hi-Point 9mm Carbine
Kel-Tec Sub2000 vs Hi-Point 995 Carbine Discussion
Mr. Completely Reviews the 9mm Carbine
The Martialist Reviews the 9mm Carbine
GunWeek Reviews the .40SW Carbine
Hi-Point 4095 Tests of Velocities of Various 40S&W cartridges (scroll down)
Gun-Tests Magazine (Feb. 2002) Reviews the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine (PDF Format)
Wikipedia.org on the 9mm Carbine
Good 9mm Carbine Photos on Yahoo Group
Futuristic Carbine Stock from ATI
ATI Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Replacement Stock
ATI Stock Installation Instructions
Carbine Accessories at MilsurpStuff.Com
Pro-mag 15 Round Mag for 995
Ugly Chopped and Duct Tape Modded Carbine
Get An Aluminum Trigger for the 995


Leland1037 Reviews the Crosman Holster
Video of Disassembly of Hi-Point 995 Carbine
Another Video Disassembly of the 995 Carbine
Video of 4095 Carbine-Rapidfire
Hi-Point 9mm Love Theme Video on YouTube
Two Guys Shooting a Mosin and a Hi-Point C9 (YouTube Video)
LeLand1037 Reviews His Hi-Point .40 Pistol (YouTube Video)
Hi Point Pistol Videos
Video Review (9 minutes long) of HP 995, KT Sub2000 and Beretta CX4 Storm Carbines
Video of 4095-rapid fire, four mags

Miscellaneous Info

Design and Patent Info on the Hi-Point Trigger Lock
Hi-Point Firearms Dealer Locator
Firing Line Carbine Discussion
Price List of Items For Sale From Hi-Point
Hi-Point 995 Aftermarket Accessories

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