Chinese AK47 (MAK90) 75 Round Drums

There is a printed, legal-sized piece of paper, with printed description and instructions that comes with these two drums, which reads as follows:


This 75-round drum magazine is for 7.62x39mm Cartridges only. It is used as the feeding device for the NHM 90 and NHM 91 rifles.

CAPACITY: 75 rounds

DIMENSIONS: 194mm (length) x 157mm (width) x 75mm (height)

Weight of empty drum magazine: 0.94kg

Photo number one....


To load, push the two catches (2) down; this will allow you to open the lid (3). Stept two, turn the cartridge clockwise, while pushing the center spring tension releaser (4). Keep turning this until it stops. Step three, load the ammunition with the base facing up. Load one slot after another till all the slots are fully loaded. There should be no space left between the spring tension releaser and the cartridges. After laading the ammunition, close the lid, latch the two catches and wind up the coil spring by turning the key attached to thelid four or five times clockwise. The magazine is now ready to be used. (On the printed paper, there is a diagram with parts numbered to match these directions.)

Photo number two....


First, open the lid by pushing the catches down. Second, press the spring tension releaser down, and then all the rounds in the drum magazine can be easily tipped out or taken out.

Photo number three....


Open the lid by pushing down the catches. Clean all foreign objects out of the inside by blowing them out with an air compressor or remove them with a vacuum.

Photo number four....

One of these drum magazines is very slightly used. The other drum is still coated with sticky cosmoline, and should be cleaned before using. Each drum is stamped with "36" in a triangle, which I believe means Norinco, North China Industries. The cosmolined magazine has an oval sticker with the words "made in china." The other magazine has some gum paper left from a removed label, which appears to have been rectangular in shape. These magazines seem to be in perfect condition, and I guess will work with any AK47 variation. I have not personally used them myself, as I am happy with my normal 30 round magazines.

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