A C&R License (Curio and Relic) can be obtained by anyone that wants to collect Curio and Relic firearms. This license costs $30 for a three year license. It is not difficult to obtain. C&R weapons are primarily firearms that are 50+ years old (OR) have some historical significance. The BATFE defines what is and what is not a C&R weapon. C&R weapons can be bought and shipped right to the license holder's door on the "Big Brown Truck." Many people who collect C&R guns call themselves "Crufflers". Follow this link to read the "Box 'O Truth" web page about becoming a licensed C&R gun collector. Note also that some of the States have their own regulations about shipping and collecting C&R firearms (see at the bottom of this page.)

Here is a link to the ATF official list and updates.

One of our readers comments...."States can keep some out, like SBRs, SB shotguns, threaded barrels, hi-cap mags, etc. This is just one hope for Californians that want certain types of firearms and I really hope that all auction sites will sell to Californians as C&R to show their solidarity in 2nd amendment rights. I have been discriminated against over and over by these auction sellers."

Tennessee Gun Owners Thread about choosing a good C&R handgun for concealed carry.

SURPLUSRIFLE.COM has a great article about Curio and Relic firearms, that covers just about all the facts about what you can do with your C&R license, and exactly what constitutes a C&R firearm.

The purpose of this web page is to list all the Curio and Relic handguns that are readily available for purchase in the United States of America. (For info on C&R rifles, try this link.) I do not intend to list only "museum pieces," but rather especially those firearms that are operable and useful, in addition to being of interest to collectors. As this web page develops, I will categorize some of them as "mouseguns," to go along with the theme of www.mouseguns.com. The development of this web page may be rather haphazard for awhile, so please be patient!

Where to Buy C&R Handguns Online

Guns International
Classic Arms
J & G Sales
RC Arms
Auction Arms Sellers
GunBroker Sellers

GunsAmerica Sellers
Empire Arms
Century International Arms
Southern Ohio Gun
Allan's Armory

AIM Surplus
Bob Adams
Cherry's Fine Firearms
Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
Hoosier Gun Works
SAMCO Global Arms


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Polish P-64

Unofficial P-64 Resource Center & Forum
Polish RADOM P-64 Curio & Relic Handgun Review by DrFaulken

Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver

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Bob Tuley's CZ-52 Page
CZ-52 Technical Details
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Lurker's Review of His CZ-82 C&R Pistol

Bulgarian Makarov

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John Dunn's Review of His Bulgarian Makarov

Tokarev TT-33

Many Variants Pictured of the TT-33
Polish M48 (Tokarev TT-33) Reviewed at Cruffler.com
Irons in the Fire Review

German P-38

P-38 Review by Russ Chastain
Walther P-38, A Design Classic

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless

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Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol

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Ortgies Pistols

Wikipedia Article
Donald Koelliker Article
Deutsche Werke - Ortgies


(Please note: California: Only Curio & Relic handguns and those on the approved list to CA. No gun sales to city or county of San Francisco or Orange county; New law requires all handguns to go to 01 FFL, then from them to a C&R holder [Jan 2008]. Connecticut: C&R handguns must go to an 01 dealer. Illinois: C&R sales to C&R licensees require a copy of the FOID card. No firearms sales to Chicago or Cooke County. Maryland: C&R handgun sales to 01 FFL only. Only used handguns made prior to 1/1/85 sold. Massachusetts: Only handguns on the approved list sold. Curio and Relic handguns to Curio and Relic license holders only with a copy of your Massachusetts FID or “license to carry” permit. New Jersey: C&R rifles to C&R licensees require special paperwork. C&R handguns must go to an 01 dealer. New York: No sale of modern handguns to New York City. C&R handguns must go to an 01 dealer.)