Christian Gun Control

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Too many denominations and religious groups have been taken over by non-bible-believing people, who are pacifists, and who want to disarm law abiding citizens. On the contrary, the New Testament says to Christians that many of our great "Heros of the Faith" were men-at-arms.

What does the Bible say about Christians and weapons?

1. Christians should be in control of their right to own weapons. In Luke 22:36 Jesus commanded His disciples: "If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." The disciples were not wealthy men, and their cloaks were very important to them. Therefore we see the urgency and necessity in Christ's mind of His people being armed with weapons. Jesus is saying, "Your cloak is valuable and useful to you, but you MUST have a weapon." Jesus also taught: "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe" (Luke 11:21). Because Jesus commanded us to buy weapons, gun ownership may be seen as a God-given right. The right to self-defense is inalienable, and may not be taken away by any government.

2. Christians should discipline themselves to actually CARRY weapons when necessary to defend life and limb. A good example of God's people carrying weapons for self defense is Nehemiah 4:11-18:

It is also clear from this passage, and the rest of the Book of Nehemiah, that one benefit of being armed was that they never had to actually USE their weapons. The enemy knew they were armed and ready, so the enemy stayed away. Civil peace comes from strength and preparedness, not from dialogue and wishful thinking.

The Book of Esther provides an example of God's people not only carrying weapons, but using weapons in self-defense:

The wicked Grand Vizier Haman had masterminded the murder of every Jew in the kingdom of Persia, but instead he and his henchmen were killed by the Jews they attacked. This act of self defense was approved by God, and memorialized in the Jewish Feast of Purim, which is still celebrated by the Jews of our time.

3. Christians should personally regulate access to and use of their own weapons. Guns are like power tools. You would not allow your little child to play with a razor blade knife, an electric drill or table saw. To do so would invite injury or death. So you keep your power tools in such a place, and in such a condition, that your little children are not able to use them. Christians are duty bound to use the same care with firearms as they would with power tools. When firearms are not being used they should be rendered inoperative, and locked away. Any Christian who leaves a gun out where a child can find it and play with it is acting with great irresponsibility and sinfulness. Your weapons must either be locked away, or under your personal control. There is no other option. It is also the Christians duty to control his/her weapons in such a way that they are difficult for thieves to find and steal.

4. Christians should restrain and discipline themselves with regard to the use of their firearms. You should take gun safety classes, and memorize all the safety rules. You should read the manual that comes with your gun from cover to cover. You should use your weapon knowledgeably. You should discipline your mind and spirit to insure that you would never use a gun jokingly, carelessly, negligently, criminally or in anger. If your State in which you reside offers a carry permit, you should follow the laws of your State, take the State mandated classes, and get licensed by your State. God wants Christians to be law-abiding citizens.

5. Christians are constrained to keep and bear arms for the sake of creating a society of peace and liberty. Christ has commanded His people to love their neighbors as they love themselves. It is the Christian's duty to not only defend his own life, and the lives of those in his family, but to defend his neighbors' lives, too. We must not only prevent criminals from stealing our things, we must prevent criminals from stealing our neighbors' things. In other words, it is our duty to create a society in which people's individual rights are honored, and in which criminals are punished and deterred. By keeping and bearing arms, we are taking a step in that direction. It is a well documented fact that the cities which have taken guns out of the hands of ordinary law-abiding citizens have the highest crime and murder rates in the United States. Cities and states that defend the Second Amendment rights of citizens enjoy lower crime and murder rates. You should buy, and keep and bear arms for your neighbors' sake, as well as your own.

So, what is the Christian view of gun control? In a sentence, Christians should stay in control of their right to keep and bear arms. This kind of gun control will be good for them, their neighbors, society at large.

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