Most States allow their citizens to carry concealed handguns. Each State has its own rules. "Shall issue" States that routinely register citizens to carry concealed weapons have lower crime rates than those that don't. These States that have "shall issue" laws have, on average, a 24 percent lower violent crime rate, a 19 percent lower murder rate and a 39 percent lower robbery rate than the other States. In fact, the nine States with the lowest violent crime rates are all right-to-carry states. Guns are used for self-defense more than 2 million times a year, three to five times the estimated number of violent crimes committed with guns. Source: Cato Institute


If your state does not issue handgun carry permits, you can still get one from Florida that is recognized in 28 other states. The State of Florida issues CCW permits to all applicants who are qualified regardless of whether they reside in Florida or in any other state. In actuality, Florida does not issue a separate permit called "Non-Resident Permit. If you are qualified, regardless of the state in which you reside, you will be issued a Florida CCW Permit. Your permit card will have your picture and your address on it. A nonresident is subject to the same laws and restrictions with respect to carrying a concealed weapon or concealed firearm as a resident of Florida who is so licensed. Check out the first two links below for more information.

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