Early Americans, Going to Church, Carrying Weapons

Note: I recognize the right of ALL Americans to defend themselves, and bear arms, whatever their religion may be. However there are many people who have the mistaken impression that Christians should be pacifists. I hope these links will dispel that wrong view. This is only a list of links. Most of the articles were not written by ME. This web page was updated on February 26, 2010. Newer links are at the top of the list.

Amish Presbyterians: PINOs, By Bojidar Marinov
The Prepared Christian - Working Guns
"Christian First" at the CGO Website
Visit the Christian Gun Owners Forums
M. Malkin's Resource on Jeanne Assam's Heroic Defense of a Colorado Congregation
Is It A Sin to Kill in Self-Defense? Kathy Jackson
To Church? Kathy Jackson
Padre Pistolas
Faith and Firearms, Hammond
Self-Defense, A Christian Viewpoint (by Me!)
Should Christians Own Firearms (PDF file)
The Biblical Basis for the Second Amendment, Peters
What Does the Bible Say About Guns? (Louisiana Carry Website)
Biblical Self Defense
The Bible and Guns
Should Christians Comply with Gun Confiscation?
Buy A Gun, Chuck Baldwin
Green Baggins Thesis on Guntrol and Blog Discussion
The Christian Gun Owner Website
Christian Gun Owners Forum (not related to above link)
The Theology of Christian Resistance
The Tactics of Christian Resistance
Gun Control Not About Guns, But About Control (Ron Gleason)
The Christian Gun, Syd
Evolving Christian Attitudes Towards Personal and National Self-defense, Kopel
Ohio's ban on defending lives in places of worship: How did it get this bad?
Joshua-Imperative Christian Self-Defense Blog
The Beecher Bible and Rifle Church
Christians and Firearms
Should Christians Own Firearms?
A Christian Viet-Nam Vet Speaks Out
May Disciples of Jesus Christ Serve in the Armed Forces?
God and the M60 Machine Gun
The Cross and the Gun
Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws
The Story of Charl Van Wyk
A Sermon: Christians and Self Defense
The Religious Roots of the American Revolution
Christianity vs the 2nd Amendment
Christian Gun Control
Firepower and Faith
Christians and Guns, Stagnaro
Does God Believe in Gun Control?
Self Defense or Turn the Other Cheek?
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Christians and Firearms
Christians Packing Guns
Christian Sixgunners
Christians and Firearms
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Should Christians Own Firearms?
Pistol Packing Preachers
The Christian Case Against Gun Control
Religion and Self-Defense
Using A Gun to Defend God's People
Rights Come From God, Not Government
What Does Scripture Say About Gun Control?
The Christian Deer Hunter Association
The Christian Case Against Gun Control
"Christian Soldier" Gun Shop
Grace Martial Arts Florida
Historical Precedent for Christian Militia