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If you aren't reading "blogs" you are behind the times. Reading blogs is an interesting way to keep up with the news, and get some thoughtful commentary, too. Enjoy these Firearms/2nd Amendment related blogs. If they ask where you came from, tell 'em Mousegunner sent you.

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Mouseguns and Gear
Minuteman Review
The Fishing Musician
Gregory Camp
Firearms History, Technology and Development
The Next Chapter (James Zachary, Jr.)
Legion's Fate
One Inch Group
Sipsey Street Irregulars
Oleg Volk's Live Journal Blog
Kilogulf59's Blog
Grant Cunningham
Double Tapper From Israel
Jewish Marksmanship
Les Jones' Bouquet of Weeds
The Firearm Blog
HiPowers and Handguns
Vote for David
Michael Bane's Blog
The Freeholder
The Liberty Sphere
The Gun Nut
The Lawdog Files
Mad Ogre
Of Arms and the Law
Hell in a Handbasket
Call Me Ahab
Gunner's Journal
Mr. Completely
Heartless Libertarian

John Lott
Resistance Is Futile
The War On Guns
Armed and Christian
Irons in the Fire