Primer for Pistoleers
"In one pistol match you experience every emotion known to man."
Bob Chow, San Francisco pistol shot and 1948 Olympic pistol team member

Although possessing nerves of steel himself, Charles F. Waterman of San Mateo, California, realizes that occasional pistol shooters do suffer some minor pangs during competition. In this series of photos, Mr. Waterman demonstrates his own ability to conceal his emotions behind a poker-faced exterior. Although not the world's worst pistol shot, Mr. Waterman is coming along nicely and expects to be some day.

Sure of victory in his classification, he makes a minor, 14-click adjustment
before the matches start.

Hot .22-caliber case down the neck during timed fire event

Shot one off the target at fifty yards

Forty-five jams during rapid fire match

Primer load. It went "pffft." He loads his own.

Discovers he has just shot a nipper five on neighbor's target. Neighbor, who is six feet ten, and holds seven worlds records, had nothing but tens

Reveals his true metal by engaging in riot over empty .45 cases. Shot his last string of rapid fire in six seconds in order to get a head start

This bronze medal has cost him $1,228.24 in entry fees, guns, ammunition, transportation, and books on pistol shooting