I recently acquired a small treasure-trove of old gun magazines (the printed kind) at a flea market and am having a great time looking at the "ancient" articles and advertisements. Every week I'll be adding something here. So, if you are a nostalgia buff, you may enjoy these pages.

Yank Magazine WW2 Era
PolyTech AK47 Ad from Guns and Ammo (April 1989)
Good Prices on Colt .45 1911As in 1954
Gold-plated Beretta 22
Marlin and Winchester 30/30 Rifles Sears Catalog
Nice Mil-Surp Rifles, Cheap! (March 1954)
Very Politically Incorrect Ad for US Savings Bonds (Sept. 1955)
Colt Peacemaker Advertisement (Sept. 1955)
Using A Pinhole For Clearer Sighting (Sept. 1955)
The Rifleman's Role in Warfare (April 1953)
The Beretta Sable .22short Revolver (July 1954)
Lucy's Winning Ways (July 1954)
Alabama Governor Collects Handguns (Feb. 1954)
New Jersey State Official Teaches Gun Safety to Youth in West Milford (Feb. 1954)
When You Want Power, You Want Peters (Feb. 1954)
Liberator Gun (June 1954)
Great Handgun Bargains in California! (August 1959)
Teach Them Young (January 1953)
For Big Game You Need A Big Johnson! (1955)
D.B. Wesson Revolving Rifle of 1879
Colt Bronze-Frame Models (precursers to NAA mini-revolvers?)(1968)
A Pink Aluminum High-Standard Revolver (1958)
Humerous "Primer for Pistoleers" (1950)
Adolph Toepperwein, All Time Rifle Champ (June 1950)
Great Surplus Rifle Prices! (1962)
Big Guns for Sale in Alexandria, VA (1963)
Gun-totin' Hosses, October 1953
British War Surplus Bargains (1953)
Beretta "Featherweight" Pocket Pistol Ad (1953)
Shooting Goes to School, March 1953
Gloria Norton, Woodland Wonder Girl, March 1949
The H and R "Targeteer Junior" .22 Youth Rifle (1949)
Marlin .22 Rifles (1949)
Beretta Pocket Pistols (1952)
Realistic Toy Guns of the 50's and 60's
World War II Posters