"In My Arms

Alabama Governor Gordon Persons
Firearms Collector
American Rifleman
(February 1954)

"I HAVE obtained," says Governor Gordon Persons of Alabama, "a Nazi belt buckle pistol for which I have been searching for a great many years. In fact, I obtained a regular production model bearing serial # 1, as well as two earlier and experimental models.

Alabama's Governor Gordon Persons prizes these rare
Nazi belt buckle pistols. Spring-loaded barrels force
eagle-decorated cover open when two levers are pressed

"Two are for a .32 caliber cartridge similar to the Colt automatic cartridge. The other is for a special, very short (about 1/4") .22 rimfire cartridge.

"Only twelve belt buckle pistols were ever made and all were experimental except one.

Open and ready to fire; this is production model #1,
the only production buckle pistol made. Barrels lock
in firing position, are fired with row of grooved triggers

"An experimental model, with barrels about one-half inch longer than on #1, is shown here also. Both pistols measure about 2" x 4".

"Another one, also about 2" x 4", has a very thin cover over the chamber. My guess is that in use the cover was simply shot through.

This is one of the experimental models of the belt
buckle pistol. Barrels are 1/2" longer than on #1.
Weapon is chambered for .312 caliber cartridge

"The guns do not fire automatically. Two outside levers, on the left side, are squeezed simultaneously, at which time the cover is forced open by the four barrels. The barrels lock themselves in place. The weapon can then be fired by manipulating any or all of the four triggers.

"Altogether it is the deadliest device I have ever seen. The element of surprise would be complete.

"My collection consists of several hundred assorted pieces which have been gathered over a period of about twenty-seven years. It is remarkable how many people are interested in this hobby. I have some of my arms mounted on panels at the Executive Mansion and we have had visitors from almost every state who have, in some way, heard that I had a collection of firearms.

During the past 27 years Governor Persons has
collected several hundred firearms. Handguns
ranging from a reproduction of a Chinese hand
cannon to a modern automatic are shown on the
panel above in the Executive Mansion, Governor
Persons' home in Montgomery, Alabama

"If I lean toward any general type of arms, I would say it is to those that are odd and unusual. However, my collection covers everything from a replica of the Chinese hand cannon all the way up to and including the modern automatics and revolvers, with a sprinkling of about everything else in between."