Affordable Handguns and Rifles

If you would like to be a gun owner, and don't have much money, what can you do? Gun ownership should not be reserved for the wealthy!

Bear in mind that ammunition is a large part of the cost of having a firearm. The least expensive ammo is .22 caliber, about $10 per 100 rounds for high quality cartridges. Practice rounds can be less than half that price. 9mm cartridges are the least expensive center-fire rounds. Winchester "White Box" in 9mm caliber may be found for $16 per 100 at WalMart. Military surplus ammo (especially for the Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54 rifles) is very inexpensive (but going up fast). Buy your ammo NOW, as the price is going up, due to a world-wide demand for copper and lead.

It is easy to find a new .22 rifle WalMart for under $200, and you should have one of those before getting a handgun, in my opinion. You can have inexpensive fun with it, shooting targets. You can also keep it in a convenient place and use it for home defense. A bullet from a rifle goes faster and hits harder than one from the same caliber handgun. You might also use it some day to harvest small game for your table. I also recommend getting a 30/30 lever action rifle (Marlin or Winchester). You can find these used for about $200 at pawn shops, and they are good rifles. I've gotten good buys at both pawn shops and gun stores.

Reliable inexpensive handguns are harder to find. There are only a few brands that are affordable new. You may need to hunt for a used gun, in order to stay under a $200 budget. (And don't forget taxes!) You can get an idea about what a particular model sells for at GunBroker.Com. Remember, too, that actual prices at gun stores vary quite a bit from place to place, and may be somewhat lower than "manufacturer's suggested retail."

Please note carefully: Sometimes guns that are cheap in price are also cheap in quality. I am not recommending ANY of the guns listed below. But they ARE affordable, and some of them are good guns. If you get a cheap gun, try to be knowledgeable about what you have bought. Study and learn! Inexpensive new guns (under $200.00) that have been found reliable include the Hi Point c9 (9mm) and Phoenix Arms .22 caliber semi-auto models, and Heritage revolvers. Bryco and Jimenez are considered sub-standard quality by many gun owners, but they are cheap, and may do for self-defense, if you can't afford anything else.

An excellent high-quality affordable GLOCK imitation is the Smith and Wesson SW9VE (9mm), which can be found $200 cheaper than a GLOCK.

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Would you like a GLOCK, but can't afford the $520 for a gun? For $320 you can get a brand new sw9ve by Smith and Wesson. The sw9ve is Smith and Wesson's 9mm GLOCK clone, but with a much nicer grip, and a heavier trigger. S & W also offer the same pistol in .40 caliber.

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